myQA Daily

myQA Daily

Easy, efficient and accurate morning QA

myQA Daily is the only solution for fast, easy, and high-quality morning Linac QA.

The 125 ionization chambers offered by the myQA Daily provide the largest amount of measured beam data of any available daily QA device for a more accurate beam quality verification.

The web browser based myQA Daily application allows flexible test execution from any network PC or tablet and easy access to test results.

Fast & Accurate Morning QA
125 ion chambers
Fully wireless 1- min setup
Web-based software instant results
All Photon & Electron energies, FF & FFF tests in a single setup

The newest solution for daily QA

The morning makes the day, right? Imagine starting your day using software that’s as simple and fast as your weather app.

Easy – Efficient – Accurate

  • 1 minute cable free setup
  • 1 test run for dose & energy
  • 1 click analysis

Compatible with all standard Linacs including the Varian® HalcyonTM System

The newest solution for daily QA

myQA Daily clinical application: 1 minute setup & morning QA workflow

Watch the complete workflow for Linac morning QA with myQA Daily. See how the myQA Daily detector is setup and ready for measurements in just one minute. Discover the efficiency of the myQA Daily software for easy Linac morning QA.
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Technical specs

  • Compatible with all standard Linacs incl. the Varian® HalcyonTM System
  • Type of detectors: 125 ionization chambers, carbon electrodes
  • Energy verification: Built-in attenuation material
  • Inherent buildup: 6.0 mm ABS
  • Photons: Co-60 to 25 MV
  • Electrons: 4 MeV to 25 MeV
  • Dose rate: minimum 0.3 Gy/min, maximum 24 Gy/min
  • Dose/pulse: Max. 0.3 cGy/pulse
  • Field sizes: 10×10 cm2 and 20×20 cm2
  • Outer dimensions: 560 x 60 x 320 mm3
  • For flattened and FFF beams (no build-up material required)
  • myQA Daily detector connectivity:
    Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection to the server; additional LAN port
  • myQA Daily software connectivity:
    Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity to the server via the hospital network
  • Power: Battery and ext. battery charger 9V DC power supply (included)
  • myQA Daily software/database:
    Installed centrally on a server or on a PC, web browser application via network workstation, or tablet PC

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