The next generation in head, neck and shoulder immobilization

DSPS-ProminentTM is the latest advancement in the renowned Double Shell Positioning System (DSPS®) product line. With its unique cantilevered frame and expansion of the treatment area to the full head, neck and shoulder region, DSPS-ProminentTM offers personalized comfort and high treatment accuracy.

A unique feature of this new, advanced DSPS-ProminentTMsystem is the ability to bend the mask frame along the slope of the cantilevered baseplate, creating a solid shoulder fixation, providing an angled area in the mask that is adapted to the patient’s anatomy, thus creating a personalized shoulder fixation. This will reduce translations and rotations in the head, neck and shoulder region, provide improved reproducibility and above all increased comfort.

DSPS-ProminentTM, with its new closing system, is designed to integrate seamlessly in the dedicated MR Head coil system.

Clinical Advantages

High precision immobilization.
Use of patented thermoplastic material with no shrinkage.
Suitable for use with the dedicated MR Head Coil to ease imaging and workflow.
The target area is expanded to the total head, neck and shoulder area.
Optimized patient comfort and accurate reproducibility.

Designed for dedicated MR Head Coil

DSPS-ProminentTM is designed to create optimal patient positioning inside the dedicated Head coil from Philips® for improved imaging quality during MRI procedures*.

This advanced DSPS-ProminentTM system can be further more utilized on your MR-Linac treatment modalities.

Treatments with MR-linac can be long lasting, therefore, it is of utmost importance for the patient to be positioned comfortable.
*Philips Ingenia 1.5T/3.0T MR-RT, Ambition 1.5T MR-RT, Elition 3.0T MR-RT and Evolution 1.5T MR-RT systems.*

DSPS-Prominent clinical settings
DSPS-Prominent closing system
DSPS-Prominent closing system

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