Omniboard All-In-One patient positioning system


The OmniBoardTM is the flagship in our DSCP platform range as it offers infinite possibilities for patient set-ups for various disease sites.

The MacroMedics OmniBoardTM All-In-One patient positioning system is the only all-in-one solution designed specifically with therapists in mind to optimize the things they care about most: Efficiency, Versatility, Reproducibility and Safety.

The OmniBoard offers a unique Breast Treatment Module that is extremely light. With a weight of only 2,8 kg, the Breast Treatment Module is considerably lighter to lift than any stand-alone breastboard.

Latest addition to the range is the new LX Breast Treatment Module which is very similar to our succesful stand-alone BreastBoard LX. It offers various adjustment possibilities for positioning of arms and head.

The OmniBoard cannot only be used for a large range of standard treatments*. A full range of SBRT accessories transform it quickly into a versatile SBRT platform*.

With our Double Shell mask system attached, the OmniBoard is ready for high precision SRS/SRT treatments*. The OmniBoard can be extended off the cranial end of the couchtop until the dotted line, providing full freedom for treatments in the head & neck area*.

Efficiency, Versatility, Reproducibility and Safety

Omniboard All-In-One patient positioning system Icon Effizienz


  • All-in-one solution
  • Transition efficiency / speed
  • Cost efficiency – eliminate redundant purchases
  • Storage efficiency

Icon Versatility


  • All-in-one solution
  • Modular components = eliminates redundancies

Icon Reproducibility


  • Indexed set-up modules
  • Set-up sheets

Icon Safety


  • Eliminates need to lift heavy, stand-alone set-up boards

Omniboard Patientenpositionierung und Immobilisationssysteme

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