The Digital SRS/SBRT Patient QA Solution

Fully utilize the capabilities of your stereotactic machine with the tool that enables more precise QA delivered in less time. The new myQA SRS solution uniquely combines:

  • unrivaled accuracy and resolution of film QA,
  • with the proven efficiency of digital detector array workflow.


  • Fully compliant with TG 218
  • QA in native plan geometry including couch kick/non-coplanar beams
  • Now fully compatible with your Varian Halcyon® and Ethos™ treatment machines
  • Plane Viewer Tool
  • Coming soon: myQA SRS CyberKnife® and end-to-end testing

Treat more SRS/SBRT patients safely with the confidence it’s done right.

myQA® SRS for CyberKnife®

Your SRS/ SBRT QA solution dedicated for CyberKnife®

myQA® SRS for CyberKnife® provides all tools CyberKnife® users need for accurate and fast patient specific pretreatment QA.

myQA SRS for CyberKnife

Unrivaled Technology

0.4 mm film-class resolution
12 x 14 cm2 sensor area
105,000 measurement pixels
Zero pixel spacing, no interpolation

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