Radioactive seeds localization needle

Radioactive seeds localization needle

We’re your source for diagnostic and therapeutic seeds
AdvantageTM I-125 diagnostic seeds can help physicians treat patients
in a more convenient and accurate way.

We manufacture low-activity Iodine seeds
loaded in your choice of 5cm, 7cm or 12cm needles.
We deliver the seeds and needles in small, individual sterile pouches that make assay before placement easy.
We provide all loaded needles sterile with a 180-day shelf life.
We give you the option of having the seed loaded alone, with a trailing spacer or with the seed and spacer stranded together, minimizing migration.
Every order comes with:

  • A decay chart telling you the activity on each day
  • A lead pouch for safe and easy transport of individual needles
  • A very convenient disposal and return kit for the seeds and lead pouches

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